I saw MJ in person; a top 5 moment in my life

by Andrew Kennedy

It’s been awhile since my last post. I got a little bored with this blog, plus school started so I’ve been busy. But I want to switch things up a little. Instead of writing articles in the third person all the time, I’m going to start doing more first person and blog-type posts. I’m going to be writing shorter posts but hopefully updating more frequently.

To go all the way with the transformation I’ve changed the title of the blog and appearance to give it a new feel. The title, “I wish I was Dan Patrick”, is really the best way to sum up my life in six words or less so it’s a good fit.

So let’s dive right into my new and improved sports blog (yayy!).

The Super Bowl is less than a week away now and I can’t remember a matchup that I was ever more excited for. I remember wondering a few months ago how perfect a Saints-Colts Super Bowl would be and we got it. But I don’t want to get into breaking down anything in the game and I’m going to hold off on giving my pick until Friday or Saturday.

One of my most popular posts on this blog had been about UCF Basketball. Well, they couldn’t be doing any worse than they are right now. It’s just ugly and I’m beginning to think that this team is just plain terrible. If not for having Keith Clanton and the possible Michael Jordan (for some reason I’m deciding to provide links to every former NBA player I mention) sighting at every home game, I would have zero interest in this team.

Speaking of Jordan sightings, at UCF’s last home game against Tulsa this past Saturday, His Airness was in attendance. This led to me and Koby jerking our heads around to find Jordan in his suite after every single play. And when it came down to crunch time and Marcus Jordan was handling the ball and called to make plays for the Knights, all we could think or care about was how MJ would react to each play.

So UCF lost the game in usual depressing fashion but it really didn’t matter because Michael was there. After the game Koby and I raced to see where he was and where he would exit the arena. Thanks to a postgame UCF Baseball meet-and-greet behind the Arena, we were able to catch up and see Michael face to face as he left. Koby said to Jordan, “Hey Michael” in a nice high voice and Michael was awesome responding with a deep, “How’s it going?” I didn’t try to say anything and I don’t think anything would have come out if I tried to anyway but it was still amazing.

Of course, after we left a few minutes later I thought of the perfect line, or at least a decent one. Charles Oakley was with Jordan at the game and looking extra old and hobbled from a long NBA career. Oakley, known for being an enforcer on and off the court, was not enough security for Michael in this instance since they were being escorted by a cop. Maybe Oak had lost a step or maybe they just needed a guide to the back exit but I think it would have been awesome to say something like, “Hey Michael! What do you need a cop escort for when you got Oakley with you?”

I think that would have been at least a little funny even though maybe no one would have got the joke. The moment of just seeing Jordan and then confirming a limping Oakley behind him has to rank up there with some of the best in my life. There is really no other living person that would be cooler to see in person than Michael Jordan. The only others in the conversation would be Obama, Tiger Woods and Osama Bin Laden, for obvious reasons.

Anyway, that’s my Jordan story. It’s the second time he’s been at a UCF Basketball game this season and honestly, I wouldn’t trade not seeing him for an undefeated season right now. Getting Jordan to come to a few of our games and then seeing him up close after a game is without question better than going to Florida and getting four years of Tim Tebow and a few out of Joakim Noah. I’m convinced of this.