I’ll take Reggie over Ray; Carolla’s better uncensored

by Andrew Kennedy

It’s always a good day when I get a call from Stanke. We went to Applebees with Koby, too. It was nice. It was a treat.

We watched the Heat-Celtics game. Boston won 107-102 behind 22 and 14 from Rondo and 23 points from Ray Allen who shut the door on the Heat with free throws late.

Allen was impressive from the line. There was just no chance he was going to miss. But I don’t get why everyone talks about how pretty his jumper is. He’s a great jump shooter but it’s not particularly pretty. It’s just a quick jump and quick release and he delivers a line drive ball that goes in quite a bit. J.J. Redick and Mike Miller have pretty jumpers, Ray’s is just better. When I look at him and then look at a player like Reggie Miller, the obvious comparison of the two, not even close.

Give me Reggie every time. Maybe I didn’t see enough of Ray Allen using the dribble in his days with Seattle and Boston but I think Reggie is a way more complete player. I know everyone used to talk about how underrated a finisher and dunker Ray was, but whatever. Allen’s career scoring average is a little higher than Reggie’s but he has averaged more minutes than Reggie and shot a lower percentage from the field while their three point percentage is nearly identical.

Both are considered clutch but Reggie is way more remembered for his clutch performances. I don’t know why I’m getting on this but I know I’m going to hate in 10 years from now when people start saying that Ray was just as good as Reggie. Ray has one title to Reggie’s none right now and Ray might get another but Ray wouldn’t be remembered at all if he never won one. The only way he did was by getting Garnett and Pierce anyway. That would be like if Reggie and Karl Malone joined the Hornets and played with Glen Rice. They may have had a chance to beat the Bulls that year with those guys.

But whatever, all I’m saying is give me Reggie over Ray any day.

The nightcap on ESPN’s Wednesday night hoops consisted of a Suns-Nuggets matchup. Carmelo Anthony wasn’t playing. It seems like the Nuggets are resting every other game like Tim Duncan or something. He’s really just hurt but it’s weird seeing a young guy like Melo miss this much action. The Suns beat down on Denver 109-97.

Phoenix once again beats a top team in the West but their season still seems like it’s going nowhere. This is a new change to the old Suns teams that would win 55-plus games a year. Back then they would lose to all the top teams but beat all the bad teams getting them that high win total. It’s a little different this year. They’ve beaten just about every top team but still might not make the playoffs. I feel like if Phoenix sneaks in as an eight or seven seed and gets to play a Lakers team who is facing an injury, they could upset them. The West is so deep nowadays that an injury to a starter is all it will take for an upset to likely happen.

After the real Suns game I went crazy on Strat-o-Matic Hoops playing a bunch of games in my 2006 Suns Replay. I’m dominating with them and have the best record in the league. Nothing is more fun for me than trying to get as many assists as possible with Boris Diaw from that season. Still, one of the more remarkable years of any player in recent history.

While doing that, I listened to a Bill Simmons and Adam Carolla podcast. It’s not the same when Carolla is censored on an ESPN podcast. It’s much better when Simmons joins Carolla but that’s not happening anymore. The movie pitches by Carolla weren’t even that good this time.

Anyway, that’s about it for my sports day today. I took a long nap earlier so might catch an old NBA game tonight. I watched Heat-Knicks Game 5 of the 1999 First Round Playoff series last night. Other than Houston’s game-winner, nothing crazy in that game. It was so low scoring and the rule changes of hand checking and the physical play were very evident.

I should be back tomorrow with some more sports news/updates.