‘Because of the holy thing’

by Andrew Kennedy

I forgot to write a Super Bowl prediction but here it is a little late: Colts beat Saints, 31-17. I was close, just got the teams wrong.

Someone who did pick the winner right was the same person who had no problem predicting the teams who would play for the Super Bowl two weeks ago: own girlfriend Chrissy.

The conference title games were easy for her. When I asked she gave me an immediate Colts-Saints matchup that everyone wanted. It was a little more difficult for her this time. After I asked, she paused for about five seconds and then said, “Hmm, well I just don’t know.” So after I pressed her to just give me an answer already, I guess it became obvious to her. “The Saints, because of the holy thing,” she said. When I reminded her about Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian (this is them) representing New Orleans, that only solidified the pick.

So the moral, as always, is to always go with the girl’s pick.

And the game was of course great with the Saints winning 31-17 but let’s get to that in a minute. There were some other events on this Super Bowl Sunday that rivaled the actual game. Like for instance, a JERSEY SHORE MARATHON!!!

I’ve thought about it for awhile now and come to the conclusion that there is really no better way to prepare for a big game than a Jersey Shore marathon. It just makes it a thousand times better when Jim Nantz (“Hello friends” at the 9-second mark) says something like, “Now the Colts are in another third-and-long situation” and then you shout out The Situation!

I have to admit that my venue for watching the marathon easily topped the venue in which I took in the Super Bowl. I went to a party after sitting out last year and watching the game in my room. And it never fails, every Super Bowl party I think is required to have one guy that can only be described as this: Loser Who Never Played Sports and Knows Nothing About Sports but Feels the Need to Never Shut Up and Cuss Too Much while Analyzing a Game that He Can’t Even Comprehend in an Attempt to Impress Girls.

I didn’t want to have one of these this year but he found me. I didn’t catch his name and thank god for that otherwise I would have done everything in my power to find Ronnie to make this kid go to sleep.

The best part was when he asked who Drew Brees was in the third quarter. Even my girlfriend knows who he is because I can’t stop joking about this awesome commercial.

The good thing was that I could make fun of him whenever he did something to Koby who was sitting next to me for the game. It just would have been so much better without him but I’m beginning to think that it is impossible to go to a Super Bowl party without a guy like this being there. That’s why from now on I will be traveling with a person who always calls ignorant people out in public. Just need to find someone like that.

I’m not going to break down the game because if you want that, there’s this thing called ESPN that’s pretty good at it. Instead, I’d like to point out five things that caught my eye from the game.

1. In the first half, I couldn’t get over the fact that a rookie punter was starting for the Saints, the experience of Matt Stover kicking for the Colts and Courtney Roby’s name keep coming up on special teams. There was just something about this and it ended up being the successful onside kick by the Saints. I think I saw this coming,just didn’t know it at the time.

2. I feel like Tim Tebow still somehow dominated this game in the eyes of Gator fans.

3. Just because Austin Collie is a small, white wide receiver doesn’t mean he’s Wes Welker. He looked really bad on the screen passes for him and it just made you think how much better off the Colts would have been with Anthony Gonzalez this year, regardless of how nice the impact was made by Collie and Pierre Garcon (a.k.a. Peter Waiter). The injuries for Indianapolis seemed to play a tremendous role in the game.

4. I also decided that for the result of this game to be legitimate, I didn’t want to see any turnovers, any penalties, any running plays or any special teams touchdowns unless Reggie Bush housed a punt. I wanted the game decided by the two star quarterbacks and the decisions they made. I feel like this kind of happened although the Saints’ defensive touchdown was pretty huge but it came off a mistake by a quarterback. Brees outplayed Manning and Brees’ team won. That satisfied me.

5. At some point, I decided that the Reggie Wayne-Tracy Porter matchup was key and that the MVP would come from it. As it happens, Porter would go on to make the game-clinching interception for the Saints. But I also said that the Saints should have let Wayne score up 24-17 with four minutes in the game after he caught a screen pass 40 yards away from the endzone. Looks like it was a good thing they didn’t.

That’s it. I can’t contribute anything else. We’ve now had three-straight years of good Super Bowls and we can only hope that continues. And in the end it just came down to the “holy thing” with the Saints and that’s why they won. And that makes me think of Tebow.