My ‘Why LeBron isn’t winning titles’ theory

by Andrew Kennedy

It’s been awhile since my last post. But I’m back for now just because the NBA playoffs are finally going to get interesting and I’m thinking of applying for some journalism jobs soon so I don’t want my blog to look dormant.

The most talked about subject the last few days in sports is LeBron and his early exit from the playoffs. I have a theory for this and I think it’s a good one. So here I go, I’m just jumping right into it.

LeBron is too good right now to win a title. Yes, this is a bad thing in the league today which is so talented and deep.

Right now, LeBron is far and away the best player in the league. It’s not even a question. Kobe is a little too old and Wade and Melo just aren’t on his level. LeBron won the MVP last year and had a pretty similar season this year and no one questioned him getting it again. Usually, voters look for improvement or just want a different face winning the award but not even a very deserving second-place season by Kevin Durant could sway the voters.

That being said, LeBron being this good and this much better than everyone else in the league and especially his teammates will make it impossible for him to win a title in his current situation. Right now, all it takes is an experienced and great defensive team like the Boston Celtics to dismantle the King.

Why is this? Well, it’s tough to put into words but I am going to try. LeBron’s talent dwarfing that of his teammates will always make him the number one option no matter what. Sure, every now and then the Cavs try to set up Jamison for looks but it never really makes sense when LeBron is on the court. Unfortunately, the thing that makes the most sense is: LeBron take the ball at the top of the key, everyone clear out and maybe give him a pick, and then let LeBron “get a full steam of head” as Reggie Miller would say and take it to the hole. LeBron is so good that he can actually score on five guys at times and while this type of basketball play makes no sense for anyone else, the freakishly talented and athletic level that LeBron plays at now makes it the best choice.

This only becomes a problem in a 7-game series against a serious defensive team that knows how to make adjustments. And this actually is so effective that LeBron can do this for 82 games in the regular season and win 60-plus games every year. But it’s not going to work enough in the playoffs and even though LeBron can get assists in that type of offensive set and his teammates can score from it, it does not involve them enough in the game and result in a total team effort where everyone contributes at their potential.

This is definitely not LeBron’s fault and really wouldn’t be that much of a problem if he had another coach. LeBron could try and expand his game to go into the post more but that wouldn’t even work just yet and definitely not with the team he had this year in Cleveland.

That is why I believe that the only possible way LeBron could win a title over these next five years is if plays with Dwyane Wade. I know, I’m not exactly going out on a limb here by saying this because everyone would think that it may be obvious if the two best players in the league were teammates that they would win a title. But the limb I’m going out on is that LeBron has a zero percent chance of winning a title without this one particular player, Wade.

The main reason why this is the only way for LeBron is that it would help bridge the gap between LeBron (the best player) and Wade (the second best). This gives that hypothetical team another dominant offensive option and Wade also happens to be a perfect fit for LeBron in that he is so great at playing off the ball when he is a alongside another playmaker and kills on the baselines.

So let’s try and wrap up exactly what I just said here.

1. LeBron is the best player in the league.

2. This is a bad thing.

3. Because of this, LeBron can’t win a title if he is light years better than anyone else on his team and Wade is the only one who is close enough to him (maybe Melo and Durant too just not yet).

4. There is a chance this scenario, or one quite like it, may unfold by next season.

5. Then we will know if anything I said makes sense.

I have a few other NBA-related theories I’d like to try and put into words on this blog. Stay tuned for that.