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March Madness Preview

Gut, research, favorite, sleeper…

It’s been awhile since my last post.

The reasons: I’m lazy, Spring Break, went to Lakeland for high school basketball championships, and flirted with many records involving “amount of time spent playing College Hoops 2K8”.

To be fair, two of those four reason involved basketball and watching or playing tournament games leading up to championships and that’s why I’m here now.

I’m going to break down what’s important and what’s not in this year’s March Madness tournament and then give my picks. You should listen to all of my advice because I know more about basketball than anyone else and win my bracket pool around 40 percent of the time in my career.

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Nothing better than Walton cheering from the sidelines

Well, I didn’t watch a lot of sports today, at least not any recent sports. It’s past midnight now and that means fair game for just about every classic NBA game I own so there’s really no telling where the night will go. I think I’m going to try and go daily with this blog from now on. As long as I keep it short and sweet and all about me, there’s no reason why I can’t keep the updates coming.

On the subject of classic NBA games, which is another way of saying “while we’re on the subject of my life”, I double-dipped somewhat last night and had a solid 45 minutes of YouTube researching as well.

I started off with the “Bird Steal” game in Game 5 of the 1987 Eastern Conference Finals against Detroit. You really can’t go wrong there. Bird pours in an amazing performance numbers wise and also caps the game off with the great steal. But hands down, the best part of re-watching the game was Bill Walton’s reaction to the play (no surprise here and fast-forward to the 5:28 mark for the reaction).

I had just gotten a solid dose of Walton the night before via Game 7 of the Western Conference Semifinals in 1995 that featured a Rockets-Suns matchup. Walton was announcing and on top of his game as usual. It’s always a treat to pop in an old game, not knowing who’d be announcing and then get Walton.

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I saw MJ in person; a top 5 moment in my life

It’s been awhile since my last post. I got a little bored with this blog, plus school started so I’ve been busy. But I want to switch things up a little. Instead of writing articles in the third person all the time, I’m going to start doing more first person and blog-type posts. I’m going to be writing shorter posts but hopefully updating more frequently.

To go all the way with the transformation I’ve changed the title of the blog and appearance to give it a new feel. The title, “I wish I was Dan Patrick”, is really the best way to sum up my life in six words or less so it’s a good fit.

So let’s dive right into my new and improved sports blog (yayy!).

The Super Bowl is less than a week away now and I can’t remember a matchup that I was ever more excited for. I remember wondering a few months ago how perfect a Saints-Colts Super Bowl would be and we got it. But I don’t want to get into breaking down anything in the game and I’m going to hold off on giving my pick until Friday or Saturday.

One of my most popular posts on this blog had been about UCF Basketball. Well, they couldn’t be doing any worse than they are right now. It’s just ugly and I’m beginning to think that this team is just plain terrible. If not for having Keith Clanton and the possible Michael Jordan (for some reason I’m deciding to provide links to every former NBA player I mention) sighting at every home game, I would have zero interest in this team.

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Keith Clanton leads UCF to win in conference opener, Marcus Jordan gets first start

This felt like a must-win game for the Knights going in. It wasn’t going to be a big win but it could have been a big loss.

The Knights would put together a complete game pulling away from the Rice Owls in their home conference opener to get the victory, 77-58.

The Owls led 21-16 following a three-point basket by Trey Stanton with 7:30 left in the first half. The Knights would score the game’s next 17 points while the Owls experienced a scoring drought lasting nearly 7 minutes.

From there on, UCF cruised to victory. They were led by freshman Keith Clanton who had his best game of the season to date, scoring 17 points on 7-of-9 shooting, including 2-for-2 from three, and added 6 boards and 3 blocks.

A change in scenery for the Knights came when freshman Marcus Jordan was named to the starting lineup, replacing Isaac Sosa in that role. Jordan had just 5 points in 19 minutes of action. Sosa ended up with 8 points in 25 minutes, including 2 three-pointers.

Clanton picked up his game after fellow freshman Dave Diakite went down with an apparent leg injury after just 8 minutes of action.

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UCF Basketball drops another vs. No. 16 Ole Miss

The Knights got out to another slow start on the road against Ole Miss Tuesday night falling behind 19-4 just four minutes into the game after the Rebels made their first five three-point attempts.

Ole Miss continued to roll beating the Knights by a final of 84-56.

UCF was coming off a devastating 61-51 at loss to Jacksonville in which the team shot just 33.3 percent from the field for the game. The Knights didn’t do much better against the Rebels going 33.9 percent from the field and 0-for-11 from downtown.

Ole Miss countered with a hot shooting night from beyond the arc going 11-for-28 for the game. The Rebels also held a huge height advantage leading to 10 block shots for the team.

The Knights trailed by as many as 26 points at one point in the first half.

There were few if any bright spots for UCF in the game although freshman Marcus Jordan registered another solid performance against a quality opponent.

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UCF basketball suffers terrible loss to Jacksonville

The first thing the Knights need to do is forget about this game.

The UCF Men’s Basketball team lost 61-51 Wednesday night to Jacksonville in the championship game of its own holiday tournament. These teams weren’t scheduled to come to UCF and beat them.

Even though there are some obvious flaws with this team that were exposed in the game, the fact still remains that UCF played a bad game overall. Literally not one player had a good game and just about all of them played worse than normal.

Jacksonville hit two backbreaking three pointers in the final 2:17 to pull away from the Knights.

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The best college basketball player no one knows about

If you’ve heard of Raymond Taylor then congratulations, you already know what I’m talking about.

Florida Atlantic’s point guard is one of the most exciting college basketball players to watch. He is listed at 5-foot-6 but is closer to 5-foot-4 and ever since he stepped foot inside an FAU uniform, he became the best player on their team.

He looks like he doesn’t belong on the same court as his teammates and not just because he looks more like a third grader than freshman in college. It’s because he’s better than everyone else. It’s as if FAU had somehow landed a five-star recruit and sets up the entire offense for him to make plays.

Through 10 games this season for the Owls, Taylor is carrying the team scoring 18.2 points per game and dishing out 6.3 assists each contest.

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Knights should tighten rotation to compete against top teams

The UCF Men’s Basketball team lost their third game of the season Wednesday night on the road to cross-state rival USF 69-65 dropping their record to 7-3 on the year.

While they were in the game throughout its entirety, they simply couldn’t get over the hump and make a run big enough to come back. The problem right now is that they can’t get into a good rhythm and put together a complete game.

The season is still young and the team is young too but it is time for head coach Kirk Speraw to tighten his rotation especially when the Knights are playing teams from the Big East like USF and Connecticut, who they will play next.

Right now, UCF has eight players averaging at least 18 minutes a game which is no big deal except for the fact that some players have separated from the pack and should be carrying larger loads of playing time.

I’ve broken down the Knights’ roster into three categories: 1. Players who can play and maybe start for BCS conference teams. 2. Players who are just a level below but can sometimes play up to the level of BCS conferences. 3. Players who are perfect for Conference-USA play and are fine in limited minutes against the better teams.

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Knights get ugly win as Clanton finally gets first start

The Knights continue to win the games they should, they’re just not doing it in as impressive fashion as some would like them to.

UCF beat Bethune Cookman 63-50 Saturday night thanks to some late clutch play by freshman Keith Clanton.

The highest rated recruit to ever come to UCF finally got his first start of the season after a solid performance in UCF’s last game against Notre Dame where he led the team with 14 points and seven rebounds while matched up with one of the best forwards in the country in Luke Harangody (29 points and 7 rebounds in that game).

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UCF’s Diakite is ahead of Taylor at this point in his career

When I arrived on the scene at UCF back in 2006, Jermaine Taylor (drafted by the Rockets this year) was playing in his sophomore season for the basketball team.

Now, Dave Diakite is in his second year (redshirt freshman) but may be further along than Taylor was at the time (from now on I will refer to him as Jermaine because it doesn’t seem right to keep calling him Taylor).

Diakite led UCF to a 76-72 victory at home over Albany Saturday night by posting a career-high 21 points that included a pair of game-clinching free throws in the final seconds following a steal (yes, I know it wasn’t a very formidable opponent but it was a good stepping stone for this young team and Diakite was clutch nonetheless).

Diakite is now emerging as the star of this team along with Keith Clanton (sorry, I had to mention my favorite player as a fellow star). He’s doing this by taking on a larger scoring role when the team needs him to, playing great physical defense against multiple types of players and grabbing clutch powerful rebounds above the heads of all others.

Diakite is doing things now that Jermaine never could do in his career at UCF (this is not an article intended to bash Jermaine, only to illustrate how good Diakite might get and maybe take some unnecessary shots at one of the best players to ever play for UCF).

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