‘Because of the holy thing’

I forgot to write a Super Bowl prediction but here it is a little late: Colts beat Saints, 31-17. I was close, just got the teams wrong.

Someone who did pick the winner right was the same person who had no problem predicting the teams who would play for the Super Bowl two weeks ago: own girlfriend Chrissy.

The conference title games were easy for her. When I asked she gave me an immediate Colts-Saints matchup that everyone wanted. It was a little more difficult for her this time. After I asked, she paused for about five seconds and then said, “Hmm, well I just don’t know.” So after I pressed her to just give me an answer already, I guess it became obvious to her. “The Saints, because of the holy thing,” she said. When I reminded her about Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian (this is them) representing New Orleans, that only solidified the pick.

So the moral, as always, is to always go with the girl’s pick.

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