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Rondo a better fit in OKC than Westbrook

After watching the first five games of the Thunder season, I’m starting to feel like Russell Westbrook is literally the worst player in the league. He’s definitely becoming one of the most destructive and as part of the Thunder faithful, I want him out now before it gets any worse.

The trade rumors I’ve heard involving Westbrook that are the most exciting would be swaps for Rajon Rondo or Stephen Curry. While Curry is one of my favorite players in the league and I would love to see this trade happen, I’d rather see Westbrook traded for Rondo and think it makes a lot of sense for both teams.

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How important is it to be in your prime?

As the Miami Heat were busy eliminating the Boston Celtics, I got thinking about how it was clear that the Celtics did not have anything left in the tank and were too old and too injured to keep up with Miami.

As someone who was watching the series hoping that Boston would advance because I like watching them play more, before the series even started my biggest fear was essentially what ended up happening.

Things like Kevin Garnett wouldn’t be able to be effective enough on both sides of the court, Ray Allen would be relegated to a jump shooter and not hitting in every game and Paul Pierce would have to carry too large of an offensive load. Even while watching the regular season meetings between the two teams you could kind of see this fate looming. While Boston seemed to always get a ton of good looks, it also seemed like they had to play pretty perfectly to get those looks and it’d be harder in the playoffs.

A big reason why Miami won the series was youth and talent overpowering Boston. They have their best three guys in their prime. It sounds simple but it really allows for them to play more minutes and play them more effectively. When Doc Rivers was forced to bring back Garnett early in the fourth quarter for Game 4, Boston was doomed and Garnett ran out of gas as the game eventually went into overtime.
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Austin Rivers just hit another three from really far away

Winter Park’s Austin Rivers, son of Doc Rivers, dropped 41 points last Thursday night in an 83-60 win in the regional quarterfinals at Winter Springs.

I would know, because I was there. And so would Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski, because he was too.

This was the second time this month that I have been feet away from a basketball legend. While this wasn’t as big of a deal as MJ, it was still pretty cool staring at the profile of Coach K and watching person after person walk up to him and shake his hand.

But a bigger deal than Coach K’s presence was the performance put on by Rivers. He’s just a junior now but I think he might just be the best high school basketball player I have ever seen play in person, and that’s saying a lot.

It was a perfect atmosphere for the game. Winter Park had to go on the road after being upset in the district final. It was a big gym and was just about full with a very large and loud student section. If that wasn’t enough, the game was being televised by Brighthouse Sports Network.

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