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LeBron will never be Jordan

Michael Jordan finally spoke up about LeBron James so now it’s time for me to as well.

I took my time thinking about what to write about LeBron because something of this magnitude needed to sink in and I didn’t want to let my emotions immediately following “The Decision” factor in too much.

LeBron made a huge mistake calling the one-hour special. This is no secret. It was ridiculous and proved how little guidance he has had over the years. He hurt Cleveland like no other person has ever hurt a city before and while I don’t particularly care about that, it still wasn’t right.

Jordan faxed the Bulls a sheet of paper simply saying “I’m back” in 1995 when he returned. LeBron did the opposite. He called attention to himself over the sport and embarrassed all professional sports and ESPN in the process.

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Austin Rivers just hit another three from really far away

Winter Park’s Austin Rivers, son of Doc Rivers, dropped 41 points last Thursday night in an 83-60 win in the regional quarterfinals at Winter Springs.

I would know, because I was there. And so would Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski, because he was too.

This was the second time this month that I have been feet away from a basketball legend. While this wasn’t as big of a deal as MJ, it was still pretty cool staring at the profile of Coach K and watching person after person walk up to him and shake his hand.

But a bigger deal than Coach K’s presence was the performance put on by Rivers. He’s just a junior now but I think he might just be the best high school basketball player I have ever seen play in person, and that’s saying a lot.

It was a perfect atmosphere for the game. Winter Park had to go on the road after being upset in the district final. It was a big gym and was just about full with a very large and loud student section. If that wasn’t enough, the game was being televised by Brighthouse Sports Network.

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‘Because of the holy thing’

I forgot to write a Super Bowl prediction but here it is a little late: Colts beat Saints, 31-17. I was close, just got the teams wrong.

Someone who did pick the winner right was the same person who had no problem predicting the teams who would play for the Super Bowl two weeks ago: own girlfriend Chrissy.

The conference title games were easy for her. When I asked she gave me an immediate Colts-Saints matchup that everyone wanted. It was a little more difficult for her this time. After I asked, she paused for about five seconds and then said, “Hmm, well I just don’t know.” So after I pressed her to just give me an answer already, I guess it became obvious to her. “The Saints, because of the holy thing,” she said. When I reminded her about Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian (this is them) representing New Orleans, that only solidified the pick.

So the moral, as always, is to always go with the girl’s pick.

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I’ll take Reggie over Ray; Carolla’s better uncensored

It’s always a good day when I get a call from Stanke. We went to Applebees with Koby, too. It was nice. It was a treat.

We watched the Heat-Celtics game. Boston won 107-102 behind 22 and 14 from Rondo and 23 points from Ray Allen who shut the door on the Heat with free throws late.

Allen was impressive from the line. There was just no chance he was going to miss. But I don’t get why everyone talks about how pretty his jumper is. He’s a great jump shooter but it’s not particularly pretty. It’s just a quick jump and quick release and he delivers a line drive ball that goes in quite a bit. J.J. Redick and Mike Miller have pretty jumpers, Ray’s is just better. When I look at him and then look at a player like Reggie Miller, the obvious comparison of the two, not even close.

Give me Reggie every time. Maybe I didn’t see enough of Ray Allen using the dribble in his days with Seattle and Boston but I think Reggie is a way more complete player. I know everyone used to talk about how underrated a finisher and dunker Ray was, but whatever. Allen’s career scoring average is a little higher than Reggie’s but he has averaged more minutes than Reggie and shot a lower percentage from the field while their three point percentage is nearly identical.

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