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Quick Reactions to Brandon Jennings’ Double-Nickel

I stopped watching the Warriors-Bucks game Saturday night midway through the third quarter because I was getting ready to go out (yes, this means I did begin watching this game at some point, something not many people can say they did).

At that point Brandon Jennings had 17 points and it didn’t appear that anything as spectacular as what eventually became was going to happen.

Last night I went into the NBA League Pass archives (greatest thing ever) and watched the second half of the game.

Jennings would end up with a Bucks rookie record (previously 51 by Kareem) of 55 points as the Bucks beat Golden State 129-125. He had 29 points in the third quarter alone, made 7-of-8 3-point attempts including a big one in the final minute and became the youngest player to ever score 50 points in a game (LeBron was the previous).

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Wednesdays are my favorite

Steve NashI couldn’t wait any longer to continue this blog. The NBA season has got me way too excited for this.

Last night I got a chance to see just about every NBA team in action so naturally, I now can make every prediction for what will happen for the rest of the season.

I’m just going to go game-by-game and give my impressions.

Pacers 109, Hawks 120
Let’s start with the Pacers-Hawks which couldn’t have been more exciting. Troy Murphy proved why he was a fantasy stud but did it in a way that I didn’t really expect scoring 14 points with seven assists and 10 rebounds.

Danny Granger was a monster in the first half but cooled off later in the game. He really may end up being worth the $70 he is projected for in auction fantasy leagues on ESPN just because of how many shots he is going to take this year. He is definitely no Kevin Durant though and I’ll get to KD later on.

The Hawks were just the better team and it looks like Al Horford may be starting to take the next steps into becoming an all star caliber power forward in this league.

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My League Pass Frenzy Begins

LeBron JamesI am super excited about the NBA season because no one else gets their money’s worth for NBA League Pass like I do.

The NBA season started a few days ago so I am really excited. This has to be the best time of the year for a sports fan with college and pro football hitting their midseason stride combined with the NBA and college hoops about to begin and there’s even some World Series action if nothing else is on.

I renewed my League Pass subscription from last year for $135. I could have gone in another direction and paid just $90 to watch just seven teams instead of the entire league but I felt the full package was worth it.

I have the perfect setup for League Pass this year and will thus be forcing myself to take full advantage.

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